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And the Good Times Roll

With the ongoing help and loyal support from each and every one of you, we’re proud to announce that we’ve come one step closer to securing a spot in the 2016 Rock N Roll Hall of Fame! But we’re not quite there yet. We’ve been placed on a ballot with fifteen other classic rock stars, and from now through December 9th, 2015, we’ll need your help more than ever.

You’re All We’ve Got

As our nomination for induction breed’s rivalry against other big name artists, it’s easy to see that this year’s competition is fierce.

During open voting you’ll have the opportunity to cast your vote alongside many other influential artists and music industry professionals inside of the Rock N Roll voting body, and it’s all I can do to express to you all that every vote counts!

You CAN vote more than once, so tell your friends, family, coworkers, and even your antisocial neighbor who avoids eye contact at all costs: Vote now, and vote often.

Spread the word to anyone you might think would love to see The Cars enter the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame and let’s go make history together!

Thank you for your continual support,

The Cars

"My favorite rock band of all time!"
Jeanie Burrier

Get to Know The Cars History!

Our Achievements

Multiple singles on Billboard Top 200 and Billboard Hot 100 lists, including: "Just What I Needed","My Best Friend's Girl", "Good Times Roll", and "Since You’re Gone." Additional hit singles reaching the Top 10 Singles list. 1984 Video Of The Year award from the MTV Music Awards for "You Might Think." New album "Move Like This" listed No. 2 on Billboard's album charts at debut. Featured on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine twice. #16 on Rolling Stone’s "100 Best Debut Albums of All Time."

How We Formed

The Cars formed out of a common passion for music and a series of collaborations amongst friends. Ric and Ben met in Ohio were they began performing as a duo. Achieving moderate success the pair decided that relocating to the east would advance their career in the music industry. Once in Boston they met Greg, a music student and talented keyboardist, who collaborated with them on a few projects but eventually played in another band. Elliot was the next member of the band to actually play along side Ric and Ben. Looking to bring a Rock 'n' Roll sound to their music, the band added David as a drummer and rejoined with Greg at keyboard. David then branded the band "The Cars" and the rest is history!

Our Future

Fans have united to let us know that getting The Cars into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is important to them. We are humbled greatly by the amount of support that we receive from you all. We are glad to unite with you for the common goal of being inducted into the Hall of Fame. As we continue to collaborate on new music, in addition to solo projects, we will keep all of you updated through our Facebook, Myspace, and events section of this website. We look forward to seeing you all at future Cars events!
"They affected everyone's lives when we first heard their hit song!"
Linda Houde

Read All About The Band Members Here!

Ric Ocasek

Formed In Founding Member

Lead Vocalist Albums

Ric Ocasek is a songwriter, poet, producer, and founding member of The Cars. He is a prolific writer composing all of The Cars hit singles. In addition he…

Benjamin Orr

Formed In Founding Member

Bassist Albums

The late Benjamin Orr was a cofounder of The Cars. He sang vocals on some of their best known hits including: “Bye, Bye Love”, “Just What I Needed”,…

Elliot Easton

Formed In Founding Member

Lead Guitar Albums

Elliot Easton plays lead guitar and sings backing vocals for The Cars. The well versed left-handed guitarist studied at Berklee College of Music. Easton’s guitar solos were an…

Greg Hawkes

Formed In Founding Member

Keyboardist Albums

Greg Hawkes is a prolific musician capable of playing keyboard, flute, saxophone, ukulele, bass guitar and clarinet. He studied music at Berklee College of Music and developed a…

David Robinson

Formed In Founding Member

Drummer Albums

David Robinson is given the credit for naming the band The Cars. Robinson also is attributed with creating the bands album covers. Aside from being a notable musician…

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